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Every Day is
Pajama DAY

We may be new to you, but we have been creating amazing fabrics for the past 20 years.

High Quality Cotton Fabrics with a Higher thread count starting at 60's & 70,s 2 Ply 80/2's With the best quality fabric at our disposal & the need to fill the gap in the Sleep wear market De Lucca premium sleepwear was conceived with only 1 thing in mind, making sleepwear & free time fun and rewarding.

Reward your Laziness, Stay at home in Style & comfort. De Lucca Sleepwear is designed for inside & outside the bedroom. With unmatched style, color & fabric options with the joy of comfort.

Nightwear is usually underrated & neglected where as it should be one of the most carefully picked out clothing because it is closes to your skin for the longest & most precious time of your day, your Free time.

At De Lucca We understand this and give you the Pajama Re invented

join the pajama revolution : lounge in comfort : sleep in style.

the DE Lucca Style

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